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Colour Aftercare

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When having your hair coloured in the salon, we use the very best premium Davines colour brand.  This is a very gentle colouring system, low in ammonia and chosen to look after your hair during the colouring process.  To get the very best from your colour, it is important that you follow the tips and advice below to keep your colour looking vibrant for longer. 


  • Refrain from washing your hair for two days after your colour service. Avoid swimming for a couple of weeks as chlorine will cause your colour to fade.  


  • Always use our professional products. Our shampoo and conditioners are free from sulphates and nasties and are a crutial part of your unique home after-care.  Always Condition too, this will help to seal your cuticle and lock that colour in while keeping pollution etc out. Do not use supermarket products, these will strip your colour from your hair,  costing you more in the long run and will not compliment your newly found colour. In doing so, we will not be held responsible for any issues that may occur. Your stylist will recommend the best at-home care for you, this is advised for your best interest.​

  • Water plays a big part in keeping your colour vibrancy too. Avoid standing directly under the shower spray unless you are rinsing, keeping your water at a warm tepid temperature rather than hot, the cooler the better.  If you wash your hair daily it is normal for your colour to fade quicker.

  • SPF isn’t just for your skin. Always use a protection barrier in form of a blow-dry lotion or spray. Pay attention to the crown, parting and hairline area as these catch the most sun. Sun exposure will cause your hair to feel dryer than normal, this causing damage and fading etc. When in the sun cover your hair as much as possible, especially when on holiday. 

  • Protect your hair against heat damage.  Before you reach for your hot tools i.e. hairdryer, straighteners or tongs, make sure you use a heat protector to eliminate removing moisture from your hair and incurring hair breakage.

  • Hair treatments should be carried out a minimum of once a week. This feeding your hair the nutrients needed to keep it in the best condition possible. We offer Express treatments in salon or take home as part of your after-care system. Your stylist will advise you of what treatment is best for you. 

  • Finally, if you have had a toner or fashion colour, these are temporary, fun colours and can last anywhere from 5-20 washes depending on the condition of your hair and if you are following the advice above. For these colours, it is advised that you book for a toner & finish in between your colour appointments and follow the aftercare advice given above. We also have fantastic colour conditioners you can use to top-up your colour or eliminate warmth at home.

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