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Our Ethos

At Rustic Roots, it is our belief to make every single one of our guests feel amazing while not compromising the environment in doing so.  We believe in sustainability and strive to give back to the planet where we can and minimise our carbon footprint.  We are proud to be Midlothian's Greenest Eco-Friendly Salon!

Staying true to our core values and with this philosophy in mind, this is what we do on a daily basis to keep our environmental impact as low as possible:

IMG_0978_transparent.png salon sustainab

We are proud to be an accredited sustainable salon with the amazing Salon sustainability team. We recycle up to 95% of all salon waste from foils, colour tubes, chemicals, hair clippings, plastic, paper and biodegradable towels to name a few.  We are passionate about what we do and play our part in creating a cleaner planet!


We use Davines throughout our salon, from products to colours.  Their products are formulated only from local ingredients, grown in their Davines village in Parma, Italy.  They are safe for both our clients and the environment.  They are obtained from 100% clean energy, zero impact, essential and recyclable packaging and hold a B Corp certification.  The colours we use are all PPD and paraben free, all packaging is made from recyclable, compostable material and with FSC certified paper.  They are a family-run company, much like ourselves, and hold the same values as we do.


Another family owned business. Evo is Aussie born and quickly grown into a global movement of salons, stylist and free thinkers. Providing us with top-notch products that respect people and our planet. No gimmicks, just high professional hair care that speaks the truth with personality! Again, free from sulfates, parabens to name a few also cruelty free and Vegan Friendly. Their mission: Saving ordinary humans from themselves.


We use the fantastic ECOHEADS shower-heads at all our wash basins, enhancing colour and treatment, saving time, water and energy.  With its unique filtration system, these shower-heads remove sediment, dirt and bacteria; leaving your hair healthier and cleaner.  These sustainable shower-heads are 100% recyclable and use 65% less water than a regular shower-head.

We save thousands of litres of water by using the best of scrummi, 100% natural and biodegradable towels. These luxury single-use hair towels biodegrade in 8 weeks and are compostable.  Not only are they hygienic, they are also made from soft, natural wood fibers from sustainable forestry programs, also Vegan friendly!


We use Foil Me foils to highlight your hair, which are 100% recyclable foil material and made from a percentage of recycled aluminium.

 Our salon decor is made from natural wood and our bespoke reception desk, colour mixing area and backwash  shelving was created using up-cycled wood and wooden pallets.


 We promote a positive culture within our team towards minimising waste and recycle up to 95% of the refuse that we produce within the salon.


We use LED lighting throughout our salon, reducing our carbon footprint.


 We strive to be a paperless salon, utilising electronic receipts, price lists and general salon information.


All bags used when purchasing a product are made from recyclable material.


We always strive to do better and continually look to improve and introduce new ways to reduce our enviromental impact. 

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